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Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar XJC V12
Locost Clubman

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My web garage    This is the main page with links to sites for each of my vehicles

Locost Clubman  My web site for my current project car

E-Type Jaguar  My web site for the E-Type Jaguar that I previously owned and restored

Jaguar XJC  My web site for the Jaguar XJC that I previously owned and restored        (Australia) the internet’s most comprehensive Jaguar XJC web site

Targa Tasmania  The ultimate tarmac rally

Jag Prestige Spares (Melbourne) Jaguar new & used parts

Spiteri Jaguar (Melbourne) Independent Jaguar specialists - repairs, servicing & tuning

Nikasil & tensioners  Jaguar World articles on Nikasil lining & timing tensioners

Mina Gallery  (USA) Jaguar performance parts and accessories

Paramount Performance  (UK) Jaguar performance parts, modifications, tuning a& accessories


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